OT Spamhaus tactics (was Spamhaus RBLs)

Budi Febrianto bfebrian.mailscanner at gedubrak.com
Thu Oct 23 05:13:47 IST 2008

Ever dealt with uceprotect?
Still now, my servers listed in their block list even though they know 
that I did not sent spams.
I have manually sent emails to my customers that uses uceprotect, so 
they can put me in their whitelist.

Spamhaus, still one of the good guys.

Kai Schaetzl wrote:
> Anthony Cartmell wrote on Tue, 21 Oct 2008 13:35:20 +0100:
>> Spamhaus seemed such a good idea, but my opinion of its accuracy and  
>> policies is somewhat tainted now...
> It's still one with quite "friendly" policies (ever dealt with 
> spews/apews?). The point of doing what they did is that you catch the 
> attention of the upstream provider much quicker than by listing only a few 
> single IPs while the offending spammer is jumping from IP to IP. If the 
> provider gets complaints from a lot of customers they may act quicker on 
> getting rid of the spammer or they may prove that they *are* a spam 
> hosting provider. So, it's effective either way. 
> And there's also the occasional case where you accidentally attribute a 
> subnet to a spammer because many IP addresses in that space already belong 
> (or belonged) to them and it looks like they can use the whole range.
> Kai

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