OT Spamhaus tactics (was Spamhaus RBLs)

Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Tue Oct 21 16:18:35 IST 2008

> Of course the spammer in question had more than on IP address allocated
> to his server, so I'm sure they didn't move him and allow him to
> continue on purpose. Netrino may well have been able to block him more
> effectively, but using hundreds of innocent servers as a lever to put
> pressure on seems unfair to me. A more generous approach might have been
> to contact the innocent server owners and warn us of the problem, rather
> than let our e-mail get blocked. And perhaps even have a mechanism to
> allow incorrectly-listed servers to be de-listed without needing to
> involve the block owner?
> The range of IP addresses listed in the SBL was reduced to just eight
> addresses a day or two later, and then finally removed altogether. The
> upside was that I learnt how to relay mail via my other server, hosted
> elsewhere, to avoid the blacklisted IP range.
> Spamhaus seemed such a good idea, but my opinion of its accuracy and
> policies is somewhat tainted now...
> Cheers!
> Anthony
Blacklists do seem less attractive when you get on the other side of the
fence. Spamhaus can get heavy handed sometimes, but usually in response to
threats by the ISP. With the law in England giving them some protection from
many international lawsuits, they don't have to be as "careful".

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