A bit OT: strange spikes in RBL-blocked connections

Peter Nitschke email at ace.net.au
Tue Oct 21 17:16:13 IST 2008

I get typically 1-300 per 10 minutes.  Then it will suddenly go to 15,000
per 10 minutes.

I love RBL's!


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On 21/10/2008 at 11:35 AM Ronny T. Lampert wrote:

>Hi all,
>best list to ask: for quite a while now I see strange spikes in 
>RBL-blocked connections:
>Everything is fine with around 10-30 blocks/minute.
>Then suddenly at 10AM (GMT+1) they shoot up to 80-100/minute. They fall 
>back a bit until 2PM.
>Around 2PM when they shoot up again to even higher levels and gently 
>fall down until 4-5PM to their levels before 10AM.
>Anybody else noticed that?

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