Mark Nienberg lists at
Mon Oct 20 19:32:32 IST 2008

I think on a centOS system the is doing this for the perl 
modules that conflict with the base perl:

check to see if the perl module is installed,
see that it isn't,
build an rpm for the module from the downloaded src,
attempt to install the rpm, but the install fails due to conflict with 
installed perl,
force install only for those that absolutely need it.

I'm wondering if the process could be shorted to eliminate building the 
rpm for the module if the rpm already exists in /usr/src/redhat/RPMS 
(probably from a previous MailScanner install).

Alternatively, could the initial check for the module be improved 
somehow to detect that the module is already installed as part of the 
the core perl installation? I suspect that must not be possible or Jules 
would have done it already.

Also, the installer builds rpms for packages that will not install due 
to already installed rpms.  For example, on my system it builds
and tries to install it, but discovers that
is already installed.

Could the installer test for already installed rpms before building and 
attempting installation of the new one?
In the above example it would run "rpm -q perl-IO-stringy" and then do 
some sort of version checking.

Mark Nienberg

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