Recommendations for secondary virus scanner

Ben Tisdall ben.tisdall at
Fri Oct 10 09:27:30 IST 2008

Alex Broens wrote:
>> Since you have a windows admin, have him check if you get a linux
>> command line
>> scanner license included with any desktop virus scanners you purchase.
> f-prot for linux server has a dameon which is amazingly fast.
> If you use the commandline version (included) its a hog compared to the
> daemon.
> Caveat: The daemon version has a stream limit pretty much like clamd.
> If you feed it a 30 MB msg via stream it will stick its toungue out and
> laugh at you.

Thanks, our MTA doesn't allow messages of that size. Anyone trying to
send a 30MB email deserves no sympathy!

Thanks for your help Alex & everyone else that contributed to the thread.

Ben Tisdall
Linux Systems Administrator |

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