OT Shared Imap folders/accounts

Steve Campbell campbell at cnpapers.com
Thu Oct 9 18:57:59 IST 2008

Richard Frovarp wrote:
> Steve Campbell wrote:
>> I'm not sure which Imap is installed. The rpm is named imap-2002d. I 
>> think this is UW imap, if I'm not mistaken.
>> Steve
> That's UW. We're running 2004g here. I know I can leave Thunderbird 
> running on two machines at the same time and not have issues. I've 
> also had Thunderbird running while using Squirrelmail without 
> corruption. However, I am only actively using one, the other 
> connection would just be doing the 5 or 10 minute update checks. UW 
> has worked just fine for us using mbx.

We run something similar, as I was referring to in a prior email (except 
I said "one use" instead of "one user"). All but one user per shift is 
supposed using this in read-only mode. Only that one special user is 
supposed to delete files. The account is sort of like a dropbox for work 
orders. Once the email has been taken care of, they log it on another 
system, and go fetch another. Periodically, expired orders get removed.

I was a little surprised that there is a real difference in how IMAP 
clients handle these system user accounts. As I said earlier, I use 
Horde/Imp as a webmail application, and it accesses these POP accounts 
just fine in an IMAP-type web page.Imp does use a database, but not so 
much for the normal IMAP-related db functions as for it's own functions. 
There is a similar set of applications that I saw for cyrus which mimics 
the addressbook and so forth.

Again thanks for all the feedback. I'm being well educated here as usual.


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