OT Shared Imap folders/accounts

Lars Kristiansen lars+lister.mailscanner at adventuras.no
Thu Oct 9 17:58:58 IST 2008

Gareth skrev:
> Because it maintains read status for each user you will find if you give

FYI: cyrus-imapd got sharedseen available as mailbox metadata now.
Have a look at man cyradm.
  mboxcfg user.gareth* sharedseen true

> Having both IMAP servers installed on different ports and using
> Outloot/Thunderbird to move the mails between then is what I did the
> last time but there may well be automated scripts you can use if you
> have more users than I did.

imapsync has worked great for me, that means small migrations. It has a 
lot of options, so test runs might be wise.

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