OT Shared Imap folders/accounts

Steve Campbell campbell at cnpapers.com
Thu Oct 9 16:11:38 IST 2008

Steve Campbell wrote:
> Not the place to ask, I'm sure, but maybe someone can point me to the 
> proper place or page.
> I've googled a while, and only became more confused, as what I'd like 
> to do is not techically a shared Imap account. What I've seen so far 
> is that an email account is set up with different users being able to 
> access this account. The "shared" part comes from a mailbox permission 
> of 1777 and/or group rights.
> The policy here, for as long as I can remember, is to have one IMAP 
> account and everyone access it with the same username and password. 
> This causes corruption, as you might guess.
> Is it truly just file permissions or group access to a mailbox, or 
> where should I turn to see the other magic that makes this work? I use 
> a standard Centos 3 install.
> Thanks, and sorry for the bother of OT.
> Steve Campbell

Thanks for all the good ideas. I hope it's showing that I really wasn't 
aware how IMAP worked. And I wonder how I've got it working  now. The 
confusing part is that I create normal pop3 accounts, and people access 
them throught their client (and horde/imp) as IMAP and it seems to work. 
Of course, this might be where the corruption sometimes occurs.

I'm still not sure whether I'm using UW or Courier, so I've got a lot of 
digging to do.

Thanks again.


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