OT Shared Imap folders/accounts

Steve Campbell campbell at cnpapers.com
Thu Oct 9 14:47:57 IST 2008

Not the place to ask, I'm sure, but maybe someone can point me to the 
proper place or page.

I've googled a while, and only became more confused, as what I'd like to 
do is not techically a shared Imap account. What I've seen so far is 
that an email account is set up with different users being able to 
access this account. The "shared" part comes from a mailbox permission 
of 1777 and/or group rights.

The policy here, for as long as I can remember, is to have one IMAP 
account and everyone access it with the same username and password. This 
causes corruption, as you might guess.

Is it truly just file permissions or group access to a mailbox, or where 
should I turn to see the other magic that makes this work? I use a 
standard Centos 3 install.

Thanks, and sorry for the bother of OT.

Steve Campbell

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