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Max Kipness max at
Thu Oct 9 00:12:27 IST 2008

>You probably updated something and broke perl. Install the latest
>MailScanner beta on top of your existing installation - that'll
>probably fix a lot of things.
>>What about --lint?

Well after running some more tests, I¹ve determined it may be a some
performance issue. Why this started after the reboot I have no idea.

I did a test in which I cleared all the queues and placed an iptables rule
that blocked port 25. Then I started MailScanner, and opened port 25 just
for about a minute. In that time frame I received about 1000 messages or so.
After closing port 25 again, it took a bit, but MailScanner processed them
all. I would say 90% was spam. I do not allow invalid email addresses, so
this is all spam to legitimate addresses.

Since then I¹ve raised the number of processes to 15 and I have 900 messages
at any given time in Œincoming¹. The server is again very high on load so
Sendmail is continuously rejecting then accepting messages. Seems like
MailScanner may be processing very few emails so at this point, the is growing a little at a time now and never reducing.

So is there anyway that I can get the performance set so that it catches up
with this mail? It¹s been working fine for over a year. The incoming mail
content, especially spam has probably increased quite a bit, but just last
week when I checked the queues everything was very low and normal. I can¹t
imagine why a reboot has made the server perform less.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


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