Migrate system: amavisd-new to mailscanner?

Ben Tisdall ben.tisdall at photobox.com
Wed Oct 8 11:09:48 IST 2008

Anthony Cartmell wrote:
> I think I'm correct in saying that MailScanner is much better than
> amavisd-new?

A big win is that you can use mailwatch with MS. The analogue for
amavisd-new is Maia Mailguard, but I was always put off by the fact that
it uses a forked version of amavisd-new.

I inherited a MS/exim setup here & was very impressed with the
combination. I have since migrated the setup to new hardware in a new dc.

Let's also not forget that MS enjoys a level of developer support that
so good it borders on insane :)

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Ben Tisdall
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