Migrate system: amavisd-new to mailscanner?

Glenn Steen glenn.steen at gmail.com
Tue Oct 7 20:10:43 IST 2008

2008/10/7 Anthony Cartmell <ajcartmell at fonant.com>:
> Hi folks,
> I'm, currently, for my sins, helping www.ippimail.com to keep their systems
> going.
> They are running old versions of Postfix with amavsid-new and clamd, which
> seems to work OK, but I'd be more comfortable with MailScanner than
> amavisd-new.
> I use MailScanner with sendmail on my own servers, but Ippimail has
> usernames in a database (used for other things too), and I don't know how to
> get sendmail to use MySQL database for authentication. Is this possible?
>  Also his usernames contain "@" which sendmail can't handle AFAIK. Also some
> users have mail accounts in the form name at username.ippimail.com, just to add
> to the confusion.
> So perhaps Postfix plus MailScanner might be OK? This would mean I could
> leave Postfix set up as it is, but replace amavisd-new with MailScanner,
> probably a simpler task?
Not exactly "as is", but definitely doable.
Easiest would be to "sidegrade" to another machine, where you setup
with MS from the outset, but that would be utopian, I suspect:-).
Do read the setup instructions (both on the website and in the wiki)
very carefully... When using PF, you'll likely be running as an
unprivileged user, so all concerning that has to be exactly right...
I'd work on a copy of /etc/postfix, so that when the big bang moment
arrives... I could switch between the two with a few mv operations.
It's been quite a few years since last I touched an amavisd (of any
kind... I'm a happy MS customer:-), but you might need take it offline
when installing MS, if the MS install messes up any "common" perl

> Current OS is Fedora 5 (!) but they plan to move to CentOS soon.

> Any advice on best options?
> Cheers!
> Anthony

-- Glenn
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