Update relay recipients

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Tue Oct 7 18:33:06 IST 2008

> Using the Ubuntu, Its working fine with cron schedule..and manually
execute through command line, this is from apache log
> CANNOT OPEN /etc/postfix/users_recipients Permission denied at
/usr/bin/getadsmtp.pl line 127, <DATA> line 439. 
> /usr/bin/update-relay-recipients.sh: line 3: postmap: command not
> /etc/lsb-base-logging.sh: line 22: /dev/console: Permission denied 
> /etc/lsb-base-logging.sh: line 22: /dev/console: Permission denied 

It's because any process that you call from your web server will run as
that specific user, typically "nobody" or "apache", depending on your
distribution. You will have to either give your web server access to
modify/update the files you want, or set the script to run either SUID
or SGID as a user that has the proper access.

However, pay attention to which method you decide to take, as both of
them could potentially compromise the security of your server (depending
on your code quality and other factors).

Personally, you should just leave it to your crontab to run the task at
the appropriate interval. In my case, I export the data from a domain
server and upload it to my filter server. The filter then just parses
out the data that was uploaded to it. It's a lot safer than giving your
filter direct access to your Active Directory in any manor. (IMHO).


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