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Tue Oct 7 13:46:47 IST 2008

Hi Julian


Recently I think you asked for comments suggestions for the installer. At
the time nothing occurred to me, as it generally works very well.


However after upgrading to newest spamassassin + MailScanner some things
stood out which could be improved.


The following are for those of us using the tarball way to install (I run
debian and their packages are oooold)


When I install I do the following things manually every time I have to
upgrade MailScanner:


1: Copy over the old report text files so the users get our customized

It would be super if the installer could do this for you somehow, basically
ask if it should look for the old directory and copy over old files somehow.

This is also true for the old configuration. I assume that most people who
upgrade will want to run the upgrade_conf script on their old configuration
to create an up2date configuration file.

This could also (in a simple way I think) be done by the installer.


Basically what I imagine is that (either by default or by passing the
installer an option) he installer asks the user:

What is the path to the old mailscanner install?

Do you want to upgrade the old configuration?

Do you want to keep you report/msg texts?

I’m not sure if there could be more points, but its possible. The ones I
have outlined are the ones I would like to have automated.


2: It’s more or less the same as the above points, so as for the
reports/text issues. The same goes for rulesets. Every time I upgrade I have
to manually copy the rulesets I use to the new directory for the paths in
the configuration to be valid. I guess this could be solved by placing them
outside the mailscanner directory, but that sort of breaks the intended
installation “style” if you know what I mean.


I’d like your thought on this one as maybe I’m doing it the wrong way.


Anyway that’s about it, to sum it up: I would love for the installer to be
more umm assisting in upgrade, by asking the user questions about his old
install and then offering to do some of the tasks involved in upgrading for


I hope the above is comprehensible (English isn’t my native language)


Let me know if I have been unclear on some of the points.


Thanks again for providing this brilliant piece of software.



Med venlig hilsen / Best regards


Jonas Akrouh Larsen


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