MailScanner sometimes strips Outlook attachments?

Edward Dekkers edward at
Tue Nov 18 00:46:12 GMT 2008

> Since mailscanner doesn't seem to have an Ubuntu page, could you be
> looking at
> Ubuntu's mailscanner page?

I'm looking here:

This is part of the MailScanner web site - no?

> I see tons of posts about the Ubuntu
> packagers
> version of MailScanner. Since Julian only creates the tarballs, and the
> two
> RPM based packages, the Ubuntu packager is missing some things. I have
> heard
> that the Debian "backports" package is somewhat better, but I do not
> run
> Debian or Ubuntu.
> >
> > Anyway - most warnings are now gone (still complaining about
> deprecated
> > unrar command even with the latest wrapper), and after installing
> tnef, it
> > even expands then checks any TNEF attachments (according to the log
> anyway).
> >
> > IN ALL CASES it says "uninfected - delivered" etc. This was after
> modifying
> > MailScanner.conf to NOT replace TNEF contents, as that was causing
> problems
> > with winmail.dat as well.
> This might be perl module problems. MailScanner can be picky on which
> modules
> work properly.
> >
> > Now - it seems to keep the pdf attachments complete - about 50% of
> the time.
> > No rhyme or reason, and the log always says all is OK, uninfected and
> > properly delivered, yet it seems something (and I have to presume
> it's
> > mailscanner), is stripping the pdfs about 50% of the time.
> Again-- more than likely Mimetools or another perl module. Especially
> since
> you had it working before the upgrade to 8.10. If mailscanner strips an
> attachment, it logs it.
> >
> > I hate non-consistent problems as they are harder to diagnose, but
> does
> > anyone have any idea what may be causing this?
> >
> > Regards,
> > Ed.
> >
> >
> Maybe it would be easier to try the tarball of the latest version
> instead of
> the .deb package. The maintainer will probably get it fixed if he gets
> enough
> complaints and actually wants to fix it. All indications are that the
> Ubuntu
> package is horribly dysfunctional.

Worse thing is - I can't seem to find anywhere which properly descries where things are supposed to go. The Ubuntu package seems to put the configuration in /etc/MailScanner, and the rest in /usr/share/MailScanner. On my previous setup, where I did use the tarball and some Ubuntu specific instructions, put everything in /opt, but even this caused eyebrow lifts when I discussed these directories on this very list. And the webmin MailScanner module certainly doesn't use the /opt directory by default either - I remember changing all of that the first time.

I guess it comes down to who's logic you follow. I believe FIRMLY that all configuration should be in /etc, but as to the rest of MailScanner - whatever is given me is what I work with. I've even gone so far as to create symlinks and change wrapper scripts to make this all work.

Anyway, going OT here. Will have a look at your suggestions and post back if I make any progress.


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