MailScanner sometimes strips Outlook attachments?

Edward Dekkers edward at
Mon Nov 17 22:13:24 GMT 2008

> I haven't paid much attention to your details, but I thought I would
> mention this.
> Something I used to see with Outlook Express users of old, and possibly
> Outlook users now: they often complained that attachments were missing
> from spam warning reports they were being sent (for low-scoring spam).
> They would complain by replying to the warning, but almost always I
> could
> see the attachment they claimed was missing attached to the reply as
> expected!
> It turns out there was a bug in Outlook Express where under some
> never-discovered circumstances the "paperclip" icon was not being
> displayed even though attachments were present, and users relied on
> that
> to know if an attachment was present.  If they went to "File | Save
> Attachments", the attachments were listed for saving.  Maybe something
> similar happens for Outlook users these days, but I have not heard of
> more
> than one report so have not looked into it.
> Jethro.

It's one thing to check at least Jethro - I'll see what the customer is
running as a mail client. 

Thanks for the reply - at least I have some direction to look in to now.

If this remains a problem (iow if that's not the problem), I'll come back to
the list and see if there's any other explanation.


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