testing rules sets with --value=

Steve Freegard steve.freegard at fsl.com
Thu Nov 13 15:09:01 GMT 2008

Glenn Steen wrote:
> I think the file enumerating the ... translation ... from "Human
> Readible" to "Jules Readible"(:-) has been mentioned at least *some*
> time... I'm not at even remotely close to any MS box ,,, Is it
> ConfigDefs.pl? My memory isnät what it used to be:-).

Yes - ConfigDefs.pl does the external to internal name translation 
(EtoI); but I didn't think it was worth mentioning as it confuses most 

> But as you say, Steve... One needn't bother with that, since all one
> needs do is forget the whitespace from the lval in
> MailScanner.conf:-).

Yep - MailScanner will do the translation automagically ;-)


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