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Simon Jones simonmjones at
Tue Nov 11 16:06:57 GMT 2008

2008/11/11 Simon Jones <simonmjones at>:
> 2008/11/11 Steve Freegard <steve.freegard at>:
>> Simon Jones wrote:
>>>>>>>>>> a bit more info - this was working OK and domain has been
>>>>>>>>>> successfully
>>>>>>>>>> scanned for a number of months but it stopped scanning over the
>>>>>>>>>> weekend.  Its a distributed setup (3 servers + db) and it appears
>>>>>>>>>> that
>>>>>>>>>> all servers are dropping the domain from the scan.  S/A scores are
>>>>>>>>>> zero on all scans, there's nothing whitelisted that I can see, I
>>>>>>>>>> run
>>>>>>>>>> MailWatch and the messages for this domain are all classed as
>>>>>>>>>> clean.
>>>>>>>>>> The only time i've seen this before is when the domain is listed in
>>>>>>>>>> the /etc/MailScanner/rules/scan.messages.rules file - it is not
>>>>>>>>>> listed
>>>>>>>>>> in this case though.
>>>>>>>>>> MailScanner --to or to MailScanner --to
>>>>>>>>>> user at doesn't return anything at all on any of the
>>>>>>>>>> nodes.
>> Try running the following:
>> grep -Ri tbanda /etc/MailScanner
>> See if you get anything you don't expect.
>> Regards,
>> Steve.
>> --
> not a sausage :(

Fixed - nothing complicated at all, someone had set the spam score
limit to 127 in mailwatch :) bugger!  thanks for your help lads -
presently wacking myself about the head with something heavy whilst
reciting "thou shalt check the easy stuff first next time"


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