MS/perl segfaults

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Mon Nov 10 21:02:27 GMT 2008

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> One immediate thought: the only reproducible instance of this problem
> was caused by the HTML parser, and I wrote a solution to that in a
> recent release, it's in the Change Log.
> But yes, your idea is a possibility, now that I'm using SQLite. Doing
> it
> with a dbm file is not really practical due to high contention for the
> exclusive write locks on the file. SQLite may be able to do it rather
> better.
> There are quite a few routes that lead to a message leaving a batch,
> and
> I would have to catch all of those, time for a quick code review of a
> few chunks I think.
> If a message is more than 20 minutes old and still in the database,
> then
> we do a batch containing only 1 message, and log it. If we find a
> message more than 30 minutes old, then we log it and ignore it.
> How many ways could this process go wrong? All existing exclusion-locks
> would still apply, so if a message was more than 20 minutes old and is
> being re-tried and is still locked, that lock still applies.
> What are the failure modes of this scheme? I refuse to believe there
> aren't any. We need to cover as many of them as possible and come up
> with remedies for them.
> Jules.

It would also be nice if it was configurable to send an email to the admin either periodically (such as daily) or when it first detected that a mail was over 30 mins old and to be ignored...

I just found a batch of 10 emails this weekend that had the font bug in and an upgrade of MailScanner sorted them all out and sent them on their way either to recipients or eventual oblivion.


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