can't quite get clamd working properly

Kate Kleinschafer kate at
Wed Nov 5 00:08:53 GMT 2008

Hi all,

First of thanks to all the people that help on this list. I have got a 
fair way through troubleshooting this issue using help of various threads.

I am now a bit stuck though - i think it may have to do with permissions.

I installed clamav from dag

In MailScanner.conf
Run As User = postfix

Virus Scanners = clamd

Clamd Port = 3310
Clamd Socket = /tmp/clamd.socket
Clamd Lock File = # /var/lock/subsys/clamd
Clamd Use Threads = yes

in clamd.conf
DatabaseDirectory /var/clamav
LocalSocket /tmp/clamd.socket
User postfix

I made the user postfix becuase I run MailScanner as postfix (Don't know 
if this change is correct)

/tmp/clamd.socket 777 postfix:postfix

I am getting the error Cannot find Socket (/tmp/clamd) Exiting!

Any suggestions how I can fix this? I am unsure where it is getting the 
/tmp/clamd from as it is set as /tmp/clamd.socket in MailScanner.conf 
and clamd.conf

I have done a service clamd stop then start and a MailScanner reload


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