users who get more than there share of spam

John Baker johnnyb at
Wed May 28 16:11:34 IST 2008

I do use most of this stuff. What is kam? I'm not familiar with that 
one. I use sare rules from Rules emporium but I've probably been to 
conservative about this and added more this morning.

I'll see how things look a few after some tuning up here and then put 
what's getting through up.


Scott Silva wrote:
> on 5-27-2008 12:59 PM John Baker spake the following:
>> Hi all,
>> I wondered if any of the experts on the list had any suggestions for 
>> this problem.
>> I have a few users who gave their name to the wrong website and get 
>> way more than there share of spam.  I've been trying to figure out a 
>> way to bring those numbers down for them.
>> Most of the spam coming through to us either doesn't make it past the 
>> geylist or gets marked  by the Mailscanner process and then sent to a 
>> junk folder by procmail upon delivery. These folks get hundreds in the 
>> junk mail folder every day and hundreds per week that slip through the 
>> process. It makes their mail unmanageable particularly as we are in an 
>> area where many of them still have to retrieve their mail with a 28k 
>> dialup connection when they are at home.
>> At this point it seems as though improving the spam marking process 
>> for us would involve spending money on external services that we don't 
>> have to spend and it is working well enough for the average user. 
>> Would anybody have any suggestions on how to help users who get caught 
>> up in this sort of thing short of giving them a new address and 
>> bouncing everything to the old one?
>> Thanks
> What are you using for options to spamassassin?
> Any digests like razor or pyzor?
> Any other rules like kam or some of the sare rules?
> Blacklists?
> If you can post links to a couple COMPLETE mail files, either from queue 
> files or quarantined, others here will run them through our systems and 
> post the results we get.

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