Mailscanner watermarks and compatibility with other systems

Koopmann, Jan-Peter jan-peter at
Mon May 26 10:14:23 IST 2008

> Obviously some will say "... just send outgoing through MailScanner or
similar system" but for some of us that's simply isn't the smartest/best
way to go about fighting backscatter. So for us the event sink/transport
agent method is brilliant and right on the spot.


Well obviously you have good reasons for doing what you are doing.
However one problem persists: If you discard all the backscatter at the
Exchange level it means you already accepted all the crap on your
gateway, scanned it for spam and viruses and then transport it to your
customer. Once you face a really big backscatter attack you will see
that this is a big problem. Moreover: Please make sure your Exchange
plugin does not simply reject the mail. This would be brilliant in case
Exchange received the mail in the first place but that is not the case
in your scenario. If you accept the mail and then later on Exchange
chooses to reject the mail, you might in turn create backscatter




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