Mailscanner watermarks and compatibility with other systems

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Sun May 25 21:45:06 IST 2008

This is in response to both Jan-Peter and Ed Bruce:


I know it doesn't make that much sense, but in fact I was referring to the
servers which we do not control (since the majority of mail belong to these


Their reasoning is, that if they send through a 3rd party system they have
less control of the flow (which I guess is true) while if they just use an
add-on for exchange they can still have full control over everything, and
still get the benefits from watermarking.


Anyway I already talked to Mikael Syska and his work appears to be
progressing pretty fast, so hopefully there will be some useable code soon
which I can help test.


And once/if it works and its stable, the MailScanner community will have yet
another tool at their disposal which makes it MUCH easier for
exchange/MailScanner admins to combat the backscatter pest, without changing
their infrastructure the slightest.


Obviously some will say ". just send outgoing through MailScanner or similar
system" but for some of us that's simply isn't the smartest/best way to go
about fighting backscatter. So for us the event sink/transport agent method
is brilliant and right on the spot.


I hope we end up with some code that work, because if nothing else I think
everybody can agree that having watermark compatibility between
mta's/MailScanner gives you the possibility of more flexibility in how you
choose to design you mail infrastructure.


Oh well enough ranting J


Hope everybody has a nice Monday




Jonas A. Larsen


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Jonas A. Larsen wrote: 

 Well the special thing about us is, we scan incoming mail for lots of
servers/domains we do not control. So it's quite simple, I cannot make
servers I do not control send through my MS cluster nor any other solution
(barricade etc), even if I wanted to.

Understood, but if you can't make them relay through MS how can you make
them use a plugin on their Exchange server?

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