Mailscanner watermarks and compatibility with other systems

Koopmann, Jan-Peter jan-peter at
Sat May 24 12:06:07 IST 2008

>Well the special thing about us is, we scan incoming mail for lots of
>servers/domains we do not control. So it's quite simple, I cannot make
>servers I do not control send through my MS cluster nor any other
>(barricade etc), even if I wanted to.

Now we are getting there. You are not talking about the servers you do
not control though are you? You are talking about an Exchange box that
you _do_ control and force to send through your MailScanner
installation. And - even though I never used MailScanner watermarking
myself - the docs seem to suggest that you can use rulesets for
Watermarking thus only mark the mails coming from your server and only
check for watermarks on messages going _to_ your server. With the
information you gave us until now I still fail to see why you need a
special solution on the Exchange box. This could all be done with

> But if you follow the thread "Watermarking, what does it actually
consist of
> ..." it looks like Mikael Syska is implementing precisely what I was
> scribing earlier.

> So with some luck we can get him to publish his exchange addin when
> done if he manages to make it work :)

Thanks for him going through all the trouble. However: In your case it
looks a bit like reinventing the wheel to me. You could have it working
right now and already have everything installed. Just define some
rulesets (minimum two, maybe more) in your MailScanner installation,
enable watermarks and be happy.

Or did I miss something obvious?

BTW: The MailScanner watermarking relies on a custom message header.
What is the general experience with this? Is this header part of all
replies? Or at least most DSNs or NDRs? I know that another algorithm is
using the message ID to watermark messages (patent pending so don't just
use their algorithm *g*) and this makes sense to me since the Message-ID
should be referred in all DSNs, NDRs and probably even all replies. But
a custom header?


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