Mailscanner watermarks and compatibility with other systems

Jonas A. Larsen jonas at
Sat May 24 01:13:21 IST 2008

>> You unwillingness to relay your outgoing mail through mailscanner will
>> probably limit your choices.
>> If you must do it your way, you might have to write something
>> Unix/linux and windows are different in enough ways to make it very
>> difficult.
>CC to that. I'm pretty certain there's nothing "ready to use", and
>that you'll need type something up yourself to use directly in your
>exchange server(s).
>I think what J-P alluded to is simply that *if* the unwillingness to
>relay through MS is due to concerns of it adversely affecting your
>"sending performance" or something similar, you can use BarricadeMX
>(that has a very "light footprint", and will be virtually transparent,
>performance-wise) to obtain the same functionality.
>Further he (as I read it at least) point to the fact that getting
>everyone to use a unified relay (or set of relays) is usually a much
>more ... intricate problem to solve, than configuring your MS cluster
>so that the handling of outgoing mail is as "light" as you want it to
>be. If you still don't want to let MS handle the load, then setting a
>BarricadeMX in front of your MS cluster _and_ set all your senders to
>relay through it for outgoing would be a very simple to do.
>In my view, it is irresponsible to not at least AV-scan outgoing mail,
>and further ... not wise at all to let M-Sexchange talk directly to
>the net, regardless if it is "only" outgoing. Just my opinion, of
>course:-). Perhaps you've solved that part of it in exchange already,
>perhaps not... impossible to tell for sure with what you've told
>Perhaps I/we would understand your reluctance to relay through your MS
>cluster more, if you told us a bit about your reasoning there...?
 Well the special thing about us is, we scan incoming mail for lots of
servers/domains we do not control. So it's quite simple, I cannot make
servers I do not control send through my MS cluster nor any other solution
(barricade etc), even if I wanted to.

But if you follow the thread "Watermarking, what does it actually consist of
..." it looks like Mikael Syska is implementing precisely what I was
describing earlier.

So with some luck we can get him to publish his exchange addin when he's
done if he manages to make it work :)

Best regards
Jonas A. Larsen

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