Mailscanner watermarks and compatibility with other systems

Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Sat May 24 00:22:49 IST 2008

2008/5/23 Scott Silva <ssilva at>:
> on 5-23-2008 10:48 AM Jonas A. Larsen spake the following:
>> Mmmm not sure which part you are confused about? We do not send outgoing
>> mail through our Mailscanner cluster (and do not want to)
>> Our exchange servers send outgoing mail directly to the receiving smtp
>> server. There for Im not sure how milter-ahead or BarricadeMX has relevance?
>> Im looking for something for exchange to support watermarking natively in
>> exchange, as I wrote, a plugin or similar that makes exchange possible to
>> watermark stamp outgoing mail with watermarks MS can process.
>> Hope that clears it up.
> You unwillingness to relay your outgoing mail through mailscanner will
> probably limit your choices.
> If you must do it your way, you might have to write something yourself.
> Unix/linux and windows are different in enough ways to make it very
> difficult.
CC to that. I'm pretty certain there's nothing "ready to use", and
that you'll need type something up yourself to use directly in your
exchange server(s).

I think what J-P alluded to is simply that *if* the unwillingness to
relay through MS is due to concerns of it adversely affecting your
"sending performance" or something similar, you can use BarricadeMX
(that has a very "light footprint", and will be virtually transparent,
performance-wise) to obtain the same functionality.
Further he (as I read it at least) point to the fact that getting
everyone to use a unified relay (or set of relays) is usually a much
more ... intricate problem to solve, than configuring your MS cluster
so that the handling of outgoing mail is as "light" as you want it to
be. If you still don't want to let MS handle the load, then setting a
BarricadeMX in front of your MS cluster _and_ set all your senders to
relay through it for outgoing would be a very simple to do.

In my view, it is irresponsible to not at least AV-scan outgoing mail,
and further ... not wise at all to let M-Sexchange talk directly to
the net, regardless if it is "only" outgoing. Just my opinion, of
course:-). Perhaps you've solved that part of it in exchange already,
perhaps not... impossible to tell for sure with what you've told

Perhaps I/we would understand your reluctance to relay through your MS
cluster more, if you told us a bit about your reasoning there...?

-- Glenn
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