Mailscanner watermarks and compatibility with other systems

Jonas A. Larsen jonas at
Fri May 23 20:29:30 IST 2008

>Are you using the spamassassin Vbounce plugin?  It serves a similar
>function as the watermarking.  In your case you would list your outgoing
>exchange servers in the
>If you don't want to redirect the incoming bounces to a folder, as
>described in the wiki article, you can instead add points to them in
>spamassassin with something like

Hi Mark

Good suggestion, but yes I am already using the VBounce plugin to combat

The VBounce ruleset helps, but not enough, I'd say it fires on about 7/10
backscatter mails. And I have adjusted the scores so they are blocked.

But there are lots it does not fire on, I often see quota exceeded in other
languages than English, and vacation messages etc that are not caught by

And you can imagine that if a user gets 500 bouncebacks from a spamattack
using his e-mail address, if even 1/10 aren't blocked by VBounce then he
finds himself with 50 useless mails in his inbox.

I saw in another thread that Mikael Syska said something about implementing
the watermarking code from MS in windows, I can only hope he may be working
on some sort of addin for exchange?

Because as I see it that would be precisely what I need, and the only real
way to combat backscatter, if I can't or aren't willing to let all the
exchange serers send through our mailscanner installation.

Best regards

Jonas A. Larsen

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