Mailscanner watermarks and compatibility with other systems

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Fri May 23 18:48:49 IST 2008

Mmmm not sure which part you are confused about? We do not send outgoing
mail through our Mailscanner cluster (and do not want to)


Our exchange servers send outgoing mail directly to the receiving smtp
server. There for Im not sure how milter-ahead or BarricadeMX has relevance?


Im looking for something for exchange to support watermarking natively in
exchange, as I wrote, a plugin or similar that makes exchange possible to
watermark stamp outgoing mail with watermarks MS can process.


Hope that clears it up.


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So all users are using Exchange and send mail through Exchange? That usually
is the harder part.


But you do not want Exchange to send outgoing mail through MailScanner? That
usually is the easier part.


I am a bit confused. But depending on the MTA you can solve it there
(milter-ahead?) or use commercial software like BarricadeMX to do the
watermarking without the MailScanner "overhead". 



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