Mailscanner watermarks and compatibility with other systems

Jonas jonas at
Fri May 23 16:07:16 IST 2008

Hi list
I've looked into the watermarking features of MS to see if i coudl try and combat the backscatter we are attacked by.
My problem though, is i can not make all the clients send through mailscanner, nor am I interested in making them send through MS from an infrastructural oppinion.
So my question is: Do anybody know any watermarking system that is compatible with Microsoft exchange?
More or less all the mail we scan have end users on exchange servers, so i need some sort of event-sink (exchange plugin) or similar that can stamp outgoing mail on the exchange servers and then i can check for that watermark in MS.
Obviously the algorythms needs to be compatible and the same key need to be applied on the systems.
But this would make it MUCH easier to deploy watermarking for us.
So i'm wondering if im alone in this issue, or if somebody else have the same needs? Or even a solution.
Hope to hear from somebody :)
Best regards
Jonas A. Larsen
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