Watermarking, what does it actually consist of ...

Matt Hampton spamlists at coders.co.uk
Fri May 23 14:52:08 IST 2008

Mikael Syska wrote:
> $expiry == is what ... days from the MailScanner.Conf converted to ???
> and is this also added to the hash ... ???
> $email == From mail taken from the header. But converted to a Unix timestamp
> $secret == From the MailScanner.Conf file
> $date == also taken from the email header.
> $msgid == also taken from the haeder.
$expiry=unix timestamp of when the watermark expires
$email= is the from email address (lower case) in the smtp transaction

The rest is spot on.
> so ... its joined with the $% ( the \ is escaping right ? )
> like "expiry$%email$%date(timestamp)$%sescret$%msgid" and the hash is
> taken from that ?
> So what are the Expiry token ... ?
The expiry token is so that the code can throw away expired tokens 
without having to calculate the hash.
> Sorry about these all these maybe stupid questions ... but I want to
> do it right the first time ... so I'm 100% sure its the right way when
> I'm trying to make the Watermark myself ... in a winblows system :-p
That's OK - I wrote the code orignally so I know how it works so when 
explaining it I make assumptions that you know about it!


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