HTML Footers and Outlook/Word 2003?

Paul Hutchings paul.hutchings at
Wed May 21 13:56:44 IST 2008

I'm not sure if this is an Outlook/Word issue or something to do with my
html signature code or how MailScanner appends signatures, so I'll start


One of our customers has reported the following:


It looked like I've gone mad again, but I've just done a quick test, and
the footer is apparently randomly appearing back into old messages after
deleting all the text.  The footer doesn't appear in the message body,
but after sending, it's back again. If I re-open the message, and do a
"reply all" (like this one), then the footer disappears again (as
below).  Can you let me know how you or your server embeds the footer?


Have a go with (Outlook 2003, SP3. Using Word from Office 2003 as the
e-mail editor):

- Open an existing MIRA e-mail that has a distribution list that you
want to re-use.

- Do "reply all".

- Change the subject, type the message, plus attachments, etc.

- Delete all the original text (including the footer).

- Press "send".


- Open the e-mail from sent items, and the footer comes back!

- Do "reply all" using the sent item, and the footer does not appear in
the message body.


This email should have the signature appended if anyone wants to check
how a mesage is formatted as it leaves us.


Any ideas on who/what/where the problem lies?





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