MailScanner & CentOS5/Sendmail

Henry Kwan lists at
Fri May 16 21:04:26 IST 2008

Julian Field <MailScanner <at>> writes:
> Henry Kwan wrote:
> > How do you get sendmail to reject at the SMTP stage like postfix does with
> > "relay_recipients.db"?
> >   
> You need FEATURE(blacklist_recipients) I think. It is certainly *very* 
> possible and quite simple to do in sendmail. I always thought it did it 
> by default 

I'm running MailScanner/sendmail in gateway mode to an Exchange box.  So I
followed the directions here:

Added the Exchange box IP into mailertable and then added the domain into

Is there a better way to configure Mailscanner/sendmail as a gateway to Exchange
so that it rejects at the SMTP stage instead of having a DSN generated?


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