New way of spam?

Greg Matthews gmatt at
Fri May 16 09:36:24 IST 2008

Steven Andrews wrote:
> For watermarking to operate correctly, do I have to use the MS box as an
> outbound relay as well?  Right now, I'm habitually using them only on
> inbound and not currently using watermarking.  I find that when I use
> watermarking, my SA rules don't fire.

there are ways around this. Depends on your MTA - I can only speak for 
sendmail. If you use sendmail you can try milter-null, I found it works 
great, you'll need to install it on your outbound as well as your 
inbound and share the "secret" between them.

I believe postfix can also use sendmail milters but postfix may have its 
own solution too.

If you're using Exchange outbound then you're probably out of luck!


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