New way of spam?

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Thu May 15 18:58:12 IST 2008

For watermarking to operate correctly, do I have to use the MS box as an
outbound relay as well?  Right now, I'm habitually using them only on
inbound and not currently using watermarking.  I find that when I use
watermarking, my SA rules don't fire.

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Search for BackScatter in this list and on the SpamAssassin list. This
is not new. In fact this is quite old but the effects grow larger and
larger. Use E-Mail watermarking with MailScanner or BarricadeMX to stop
it completely. If this is not possible look for SpamAssassin and VBounce

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Hi everybody,

It's the second time in a month that a user get bombarded with tons of 
spam comming from bouncings. They put the users mail account in the From

so when the mail server replies that the user doesn't exist it get to 
the real user account. As the sending server is legal, the mails get 
trough mailscanner.
Anyone knows a way to stop this?.

Ing. Juan Pablo Lorier
Monte Carlo TV SA
Montevideo, Uruguay
+(598)2 9244444

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