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Brett Carruthers bcarruthers at
Mon May 12 01:25:11 IST 2008



I have a few week old install of MailScanner / MailWatch / Scalix on
CentOS 5.1 and my bayes DB is going OK but is still giving me 0% chances
on some spam mail.


So I want to train it a bit more so the bayes works even better.


What do I have to do to get MailWatch to be able to manually spam/ham
learn on its ‘Message Operations’ report?


Currently, if I try and learn spam it gives me an error about the
message not being in the quarantine eg.

Message m4BK4Wg4005306 not found in quarantine


Some settings from MailScanner.conf


Quarantine dir = /var/spool/MailScanner/quarantine

Quarantine Infections = yes

Quarantine Whole Messages As Queue Files = yes

Quarantine Whole Message = yes

Spam Actions = store-spam

High Scoring Spam Actions = delete (don’t need to worry about these as
its already learnt these are Spam!)

Non Spam Actions = deliver store header "X-Spam-Status: No"


If anyone could lean me in the right direction I would appreciate it
very much!





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