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Scott Silva ssilva at
Fri May 9 18:00:51 IST 2008

on 5-9-2008 6:21 AM Julian Field spake the following:
> Denis Beauchemin wrote:
>> Julian Field a ýcrit :
>>> Hash: SHA1
>>> Just occurred to me: ClamAV 0.93 is not yet supported by 
>>> Mail::ClamAV, ie. the "clamavmodule" virus scanner, which is what 
>>> uses this setting. So I won't fix this until I adopt an updated 
>>> Mail::ClamAV which works properly with 0.93.
>> Julian,
>> I just checked on Dag's website and he only has ClamAV 0.92.1...  so 
>> what installation method do you recommend for clamd?
> I would just stick with 0.92.1 until he updates his site.
> Jules
When I was experimenting with clamd, there are sample init scripts in the clam 
tarball that seem to work OK, at least with the CentOS 4 server I experimented 
on. So if someone wants 0.93 and can't wait, there is an option.
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