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But I haven't touched the locking code in absolutely ages :-(

It the sendmail is earlier than 8.12 then you need to specify flock, 
which may well be relevant to old systems like RHEL3.

Greg Matthews wrote:
> Installing MailScanner at a customer site on RHEL3 I noticed file 
> locking problems. It seems the auto-detecting of required lock type 
> (dependent on sendmail version) does not work in 4.68.8.
> When I manually set the lock type to flock, the locking problems 
> disappeared.
> Waaay back on this list there was much discussion about lock type and 
> then Julian made MailScanner autodetect the required locking... am I 
> misremembering? Anyway, 4.68.8 defaulted to posix whereas the previous 
> version (4.50.15) autodetected correctly and worked with a blank "Lock 
> Type ="
> Not a major problem as I found and fixed it by setting "Lock Type = 
> flock"  but thought it might be of interest.
> sendmail 8.12.x
> perl 5.8.0
> MailScanner 4.68.8


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