MailScanner ANNOUNCE: 4.69.8 released

Julian Field MailScanner at
Thu May 1 23:34:20 IST 2008

Dave Jones wrote:
> >I have just released the latest stable release of MailScanner, 4.69.
> >There's quite a lot this month, but the main new features this month are:
> >- - Can now extract embedded files from within Microsoft Office documents
> >and subject them to all the file tests like any other attachments.
> FYI, I hope our problem with defunct processes doesn't start popping 
> up all over the place with this new feature.  We had to disable this 
> feature to get our MailScanner stable again but use another new 
> feature Julian added for us in this release.
If you can actually send me an email message which you know causes the 
problem to appear, I can code round it. Last time I asked for this I 
didn't receive anything useful to me.
> ----SNIP of "Re: MailScanner defunct processes" -----
> >The only way to disable the Storage_Lite code is to comment out the
> >calls to sub "ExtractOle" in (in
> >/usr/lib/MailScanner/MailScanner). Otherwise it is automatically used
> >whenever it sees an attachment which starts with the "magic" strings
> >that define a Microsoft Office document.
> I ended up commenting out 2 lines that were a single call to UnpackOle
> and mail is flowing again with no defunct processes.
> ----SNIP of "Re: MailScanner defunct processes" -----
Send me problem-causing messages please. Preferably zipped up and put on 
an http site for me to download, so my MailScanner doesn't also hit 
problems with it.

Coding round any problems with the OLE unpacker should be pretty easy, 
but I can't do it without any messages that exhibit problems.



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