Postfix 2.5 with MailScanner? Bug found, fix attached...

Julian Field MailScanner at
Mon Mar 24 12:07:57 GMT 2008

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Glenn Steen wrote:
> On 24/03/2008, Alex Broens <ms-list at> wrote:
>> On 3/24/2008 1:50 AM, Glenn Steen wrote:
>>   > Alex, please apply and report back any findings...
>> applied 2 hrs ago, MS seems to be purring happily again.
>>  haven't seen anything weird yet.
>>  watching carefully
> Many thanks Alex!
>>  > Actually.... This goes for anyone using Postfix, especially if you are
>>  > using a milter... We need handle this bug ASAP.... For diverse
>>  > reasons.
>>  >
>>  > Jules, could we have a beta with this in?
>> Question: would it be wise (or kamikaze) to use this version of
>> on older versions of MS ?
> The patch should be fairly able to apply to any version of MailScanner
> from somewhere like 4.62.7 and up. How old is the version your
> thinking of patching?
> Worst case, apply by hand (it'ls really just 4 lines of code:-).
>>  I have abunch of boxes which still run 1 year old MS versions, without
>>  problems, except I cannot use the milter on them.
> Hm, one year back... Should be OK to patch. Try one and see what
> happens... Should be safe enough.
I have just released a new beta 4.68.6 with this code in it. Please try 
it out for size.

Thanks folks!


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