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Ismail OZATAY ismail at ismailozatay.net
Thu Mar 20 10:13:39 GMT 2008

Hi friends ,

i am in a trouble with spamassassin.i have just installed a new centos5 pc and setup mailscanner.everything is good exept spamassassin lint test.here is the problem ,

[2411] dbg: rules: meta test FM_DDDD_TIMES_2 has undefined dependency 'FH_HOST_EQ_D_D_D_D' 0.00357 
[2411] dbg: rules: meta test FM_SEX_HOSTDDDD has undefined dependency 'FH_HOST_EQ_D_D_D_D'

[2411] warn: lint: 2 issues detected, please rerun with debug enabled for more information

how can i fix it ?


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