Razor via RPM?

David Lee t.d.lee at durham.ac.uk
Fri Mar 14 16:14:27 GMT 2008

On Fri, 14 Mar 2008, Julian Field wrote:

> This actually creates a separate problem, that of all the perl modules
> which react badly with the Perl RPM as they overwrite the same files. Do
> I just try to find them and --force them like I do in the main
> MailScanner distro?
> I've built all the spec files and can build the SRPMs very easily. But
> I'm not convinced I'm not wasting my time...

Thanks for the reply.  Appreciated.

Let me re-word the overall issue at overview level:

The aim is to make as easy as is reasonably possible a complete
installation, especially on rpm-based systems.  Your existing scheme is
hugely, hugely helpful in this!  Many thanks.

o  MS is handled well by your distribution(s);
o  Clam/SA is handled well by your (single) "tar" distribution;
o  DCC follows well as a "wget ...; rpm -U ...";
o  Pyzor follows well as a "wget ...; rpm -U ...";

But Razor doesn't follow as easily.  A "wget ...; rpm -U ..." (from Dag's
repository) almost works, but not quite, because of those two perl
packages.  The "wget... rpm..." sequence can be neatly automated under
tools such as "cfengine".  But the Razor build is considerably more
awkward and less straightforward.

So that (as a high level overview) is the problem I'm trying to address
(and before getting bogged down in the techy stuff).

So now to the techy bog...

Just a thought: suppose those two perl modules (Digest::SHA1 and Net::DNS)
were also included in your MS list (where the ".rpmmacros" mechanism is
already in place).  Might that do the job?

Following that MS install, there would be a potential sub-issue: that of a
subsequent Clam/SA install trying a re-install over the top.  (I guess
you'd still want them in Clam/SA because that is where the true dependency
graph lies.)

Suppose I offered to investigate bundling those two modules into the MS
rpm-based install, and the possible knock-on interaction with a subsequent
Clam/SA install.

Might that have a chance of flying?


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