F-Prot 6 (and lack of speed thereof)

Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Wed Mar 5 23:07:18 GMT 2008

on 3-5-2008 2:52 PM Julian Field spake the following:
> F-Prot 6, when used as a command-line scanner, is appallingly slow.
> However, it comes with a daemon fpscand.
> This runs a whole lot faster.
> My next job is to implement support for fpscand (I'll probably call it
> f-protd, which is the name of the "service" used to start and stop it).
> This should bring back the speed of f-prot, hopefully to the same speed
> as f-prot 4, which used to be one of the fastest scanners around.
> Expect news on this front very soon, it affects me badly on my own site :-(
> Jules
Hopefully it will be similar to the clamd work you have already done.
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