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The fix for the SOphos issue works well here, 4.27 installed and working....

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> Morning all!
> I have just released the latest stable release of MailScanner, 4.67.6.
> There are quite a lot of changes, it's been a couple of months since my
> last confession^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hrelease, here are the important ones:
>     - Added support for the ESET virus scanner.
>     - Added support for BitDefender 7.5.
>     - Implemented file MIME type checking, as reported by the "file -i"
> command.
>     - Added working support for the Symantec Scan Engine.
>     - --debug-sa output greatly improved to make debugging SpamAssassin
> problems easier.
>     - Checks made on %org-name% to ensure there are no illegal characters.
> You can all download it as usual from
> The full Change Log is this:
> * New Features and Improvements *
> 1 Added support for the ESET virus scanner, from Support
> written
>   by Phil (UxBoD). Many thanks! Just use "Virus Scanners = esets" in
>   MailScanner.conf and check you have installed it in the expected
> location or
>   change /etc/MailScanner/virus.scanners.conf.
> 2 "MailScanner --lint" now checks to ensure unrar is installed and
> executable.
> 2 Esets autoupdater now accurately reports status results.
> 3 Implemented file MIME type checking, as reported by the "file -i"
> command.
>   This includees 3 new settings, which all work just like their non-MIME
>   brothers: "Log Permitted File MIME Types", "Allow File MIME Types" and
> "Deny
>   File MIME Types".
>   The main use is via the filetype.rules.conf file, where a new optional
> field
>   may be added just after the regular expression field (just after the 2nd
>   field in each line). If this field is added, then the "file -i" command
> is
>   run on every batch of messages and the output checked against the MIME
> types
>   specified in the newly inserted 3rd field (out of fields 1-5 on each
> line of
>   filetype.rules.conf files).
> 4 Added compatibility for BitDefender 7.5 to bitdefender-wrapper.
> 4 --debug now tells you when it's waiting for its batch of messages, and
> how
>   big the batch is.
> 4 "Use TNEF = replace" behaviour changed to add attachments with their
> original
>   potentially very long filenames instead of a sanitised one.
> 4 Linux RPM fixed for Fedora Core 8. Thanks to
> scud at f
> or that one.
> 4 Improvement to the phishing net to allow all the links that look like
> this:
>   Name of my Blog -
> 4 Installation order of Perl module changed to install File::Spec before
> ExtUtil
> s::MakeMaker, which should help the Solaris folks.
> 5 Made warning about %org-name% containing illegal characters a lot more
>   obvious when running "MailScanner --debug" as well as "MailScanner
> --lint".
> 5 Any mail headers inserted with spaces in them will have spaces
> replaced with
>   hyphens.
> 5 When "MailScanner --debug --debug-sa" is run, the start of every line of
>   SpamAssassin debugging output now has the current time stuck on the
> front
>   of it. This makes looking for pauses a whole lot easier.
> 6 Improvements to the init.d scripts for the RPM distributions. While
> waiting
>   for the MailScanner processes to die of natural causes, they
> periodically
>   send them another kill signal as there are a few cases in which the kill
>   signals are ignored. This should result in far more reliable restarting.
> 6 "sophos-autoupdate" improved to handle new "suspicious" threat data
> files
>   whose names start with "sus".
> * Fixes *
> 4 Improved definition of "Scan Messages" when using Postfix, to attempt to
>   avoid occasional double delivery of unscanned messages on heavily loaded
>   servers.
> 5 Maliciously crafted attachment filenames could circumvent the 'very-
> long-
>   filename' rule in filename.rules.conf. Fixed.
> 5 Fix to include "ClamAVModule" in log outputs from it.
> 5 Symantec Scan Engine support problems now fixed. Set the path in
>   MailScanner's virus.scanners.conf to "/opt/SYMCScan". If set to that
> value,
>   it expects to see the Linux command-line scanner in the file
>   /opt/SYMCScan/ssecls/ssecls.
> Jules
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