Question about white and blacklisting in Mailscanner

Jonas Akrouh Larsen jonas at
Mon Jun 30 13:44:45 IST 2008

Hi all (Jules)


For some time i have been wondering if what I want to do is possible with


I use the mailwatch database for white and blacklisting.


For those not using mailwatch this means I set

Is Definitely Not Spam = &SQLWhitelist

Is Definitely Spam = &SQLBlacklist


Which makes mailscanner do a lookup to check if a mail is white or


Now what has always wondered me is why both white and blacklisted mail are
STILL processed through spamassin regardless of their status.


My logic is: If something is blacklisted I do not want to waste resources on
scanning it, since it won't be delivered anyway. 


The reverse can be true for some locations I guess, ie. Not wanting to scan
white listed mails.


At the very least I think it would make sense to make it an option, so those
with plenty of resources to spare can keep stats etc accurate by still
scanning the mails.



So my question is: Can I make mailscanner 4.70.7-1 do this, or is it not
possible do save cpu/ram/network in this way with the current code?


I guess maybe Jules is the best to answer, but I'm sure somebody else might
know as well.


Best regards

Jonas A. Larsen



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