ISP 1u rack mount space need for volunteer thing

Gareth list-mailscanner at
Thu Jun 26 15:57:42 IST 2008
Maybe a bit cheaper.

On Thu, 2008-06-26 at 15:45, Laszlo Szabo wrote:
> Hello guys!
> I need your help to find "cheapest/best" ISP for me in England/London 
> middle Country somewhere.
> So I'm going to do spam/virus filtering on my server as a volunteer cos 
> I need IT reference from costumers. (it is a long shot plan)
> I'm going to do this support for costumers as a free thing no charge at 
> all. I built up a 1 unit server to do this thing.
> I'm a foreigner (Hungarian) and I had trouble to get IT job around in 
> England. The last few years I tried everything what I could but nothing.
> To be honest I've had enough to send my CV to agencies and no answer at 
> all or some one says "I'll call you back" and then nothing.
> Unfortunately my 12 years experience in IT worth them nothing at all.
> Some one always had a reason why I'm not the appropriate person to fill 
> that position.
> So....
> If you have any idea what to do, how to do "contract, support, sale 
> price with adverts on my site, etc..." don't hesitate to contact me.
> I'm interested in every aspect of it.
> Most of you guys work at ISP so you must know something.
> Anyway the best price what I found is around  £50 a month 1 unit case 
> 100Mb 1 fix ip address in London. (£600 a year)
> But I'm not a rich man cos I work as a cleaner and you, 
> kids, etc... " Bloody experienced IT cleaner  8-) "
> However, thanks guys for your patient and suggestion.
> Send me a private letter please.
> Laszlo
> Tel.: 0777-2015-322
> E:mail: lszabo at  "Don't send me spam!" :-) 
> Norwich/Norfolk
> PS: I know that there is no best and cheap together. Reliable and cheap 
> that is what I need.

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