ISP 1u rack mount space need for volunteer thing

Laszlo Szabo lszabo at
Thu Jun 26 15:45:37 IST 2008

Hello guys!

I need your help to find "cheapest/best" ISP for me in England/London 
middle Country somewhere.

So I'm going to do spam/virus filtering on my server as a volunteer cos 
I need IT reference from costumers. (it is a long shot plan)
I'm going to do this support for costumers as a free thing no charge at 
all. I built up a 1 unit server to do this thing.

I'm a foreigner (Hungarian) and I had trouble to get IT job around in 
England. The last few years I tried everything what I could but nothing.
To be honest I've had enough to send my CV to agencies and no answer at 
all or some one says "I'll call you back" and then nothing.
Unfortunately my 12 years experience in IT worth them nothing at all.
Some one always had a reason why I'm not the appropriate person to fill 
that position.

If you have any idea what to do, how to do "contract, support, sale 
price with adverts on my site, etc..." don't hesitate to contact me.
I'm interested in every aspect of it.

Most of you guys work at ISP so you must know something.

Anyway the best price what I found is around  £50 a month 1 unit case 
100Mb 1 fix ip address in London. (£600 a year)
But I'm not a rich man cos I work as a cleaner and you, 
kids, etc... " Bloody experienced IT cleaner  8-) "

However, thanks guys for your patient and suggestion.
Send me a private letter please.


Tel.: 0777-2015-322
E:mail: lszabo at  "Don't send me spam!" :-) 

PS: I know that there is no best and cheap together. Reliable and cheap 
that is what I need.

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