perl-Test-Simple needed earlier

Anthony Cartmell ajcartmell at
Wed Jun 25 10:27:31 IST 2008

> Anthony Cartmell wrote:
>>> So it seems building of perl-Test-Simple should be moved up in a queue.
>> +1
> It has dependencies (Test::Harness, which may in turn have other  
> dependencies). How far up the queue does it need to go?

Well, the MailScanner install fails due to lack of perl-Test-Simple when  
it tries to run the tests on the first thing it has to build. So one  
installs perl-Test-Simple to get MailScanner's install to work, and then  
notice that MailScanner later also looks to see if it's needed.  So how  
high it needs to be will depend on what else is already installed. But it  
should probably (with Test::Harness above it, if that's a dependency) be  
nearer the top, perhaps even at the top?

If not, you could just issue instructions to install Test::Simple before  
running the MailScanner install (which is what I did) and all would be  

FWIW I also had to install rpm-build and perl-devel, as well as  
perl-Test-Simple, on a very minimal FC8 installation before MailScanner  
would install. The former two probably don't belong in MailScanner's  
install package, and perhaps perl-Test-Simple doesn't either?  Can't  
remember whether "yum install perl-Test-Simple" also installed  
perl-Test-Harness, but it may well have done.

Next time I'm working with a clean, minimal, FC8 box I'll have a play.


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