MailScanner ANNOUNCE: 4.70.6 released

Donnie D. Quindardo donnieq at
Tue Jun 17 22:55:40 IST 2008

Hi Jules,

Best of luck with the operation and future health. Thank you for your 
help on my previous questions.

One other thing that I've been pondering:

- I currently use CentOS and was wondering if extracting the 
mailscanner*.rpm from the stable download tar.gz file and running
rpm -Uvh mailscanner*.rpm would be okay?


Don Q.

Julian Field wrote:
> I have just released the latest stable version of MailScanner, version 
> 4.70.6.
> The main new features this time are:
> - Now supports Mail::ClamAV 0.22, ClamAV 0.93.1, and SpamAssassin 3.2.5.
> - New setting "Dont Sign HTML If Headers Exist" to provide finer control 
> over placement of HTML signatures.
> - All known problems with Watermarks fixed.
> - Improvements to filename and filetype checks to allow for common 
> mistakes in filename patterns.
> - Added "ID Header" setting to allow the X-MailScanner-ID: header to be 
> customised or removed.
> - Minor improvements to the phishing net.
> - Improvement to checking of "Sophos Allowed Error Messages".
> Download as usual from
> The full Change Log is this:
> * New Features and Improvements *
> 1 Improvement to OLE document unpacking code, more likely to extract 
> embedded
>  files correctly.
> 1 Added new setting "Dont Sign HTML If Headers Exist" to provide finer 
> control
>  over placement of HTML signatures. If any of the named headers exist in
>  the message, the message is deemed to be a "reply", and so the HTML
>  signature is not attached. By default this functionality is switched off
>  by not specifying any header names.
> 2 Improvement to Filename and Filetype checks to catch mistakenly 
> starting a
>  regular expression with a "*" on its own, as in "*.pdf" or just "*".
> 2 Improved message reporting when Sophos finds password-protected zip 
> archives.
> 2 Now supports Mail::ClamAV 0.22 for ClamAV 0.93. You will need to 
> upgrade your
>  ClamAV+SpamAssassin installation, using the download package I provide.
> 3 Improved update_bad_phishing_sites to support proxy_* environment 
> variables.
>  Thanks to Heinz.Knutzen at for this.
> 3 Improved upgrade_MailScanner_conf for ClamAV 0.93 and Mail::ClaAV 0.22.
> 3 Removed URIBL additions from spam.assassin.prefs.conf. They are in
>  SpamAssassin by default now.
> 3 Improvements to handling of Watermarks to resolve various problems 
> with them.
> 3 Upgraded to ClamAV 0.93.1 in ClamAV+SpamAssassin easy-to-install package.
> 4 Added "-w" to suggested "diff" command in upgrade_MailScanner_conf. 
> Thanks
>  to Anthony Cartmell for this idea.
> 6 Changed Watermarking, so it only checks if there was a SMTP client IP 
> address
>  as we don't want to block messages we generated on the MailScanner server.
> 6 Added "ID Header" setting so that you can choose whether or not you want
>  the header showing the MailScanner message id value. If you don't want the
>  header then set this to be blank.
> 6 Minor improvement to link detection in the phishing net.
> * Fixes *
> 2 Silly mistake fixed in "Dont Sign HTML If Headers Exist" feature.
> 2 Fixed output text error in upgrade_MailScanner_conf.
> 3 Bugfixes to Watermark handling and logging.
> 4 More fixes to Watermark handling.
> 5 More fixes to Watermark handling, and a minor header change.
> 6 Made check for Sophos Allowed Error Messages case-insensitive.
> Jules

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