bayes expire questions

Dave Filchak submit at
Tue Jun 17 18:05:40 IST 2008

I have been trying to figure out the best way to handle 
bayes_toks.expire files. I have a large number of them in my bayes 
directory (about 1.8 Gb worth) and was trying to understand if it was OK 
to delete them. Turns out that it appears as though it is ok but their 
presence in my bayes directory could indicate another issue with my 
MailScanner set-up (this is on my secondary mail server so it sees most 
of the spam). This 'issue' appears to be that it is taking too long to 
expire the old records so MailScanner thinks it is hung and restarts??? 
So, based on some of the reading I did in the archives, I turned of 
auto_expire in my spam.assassin.prefs file and upped the expire value in 
my MailScanner.conf file to one day (86400). However, upon further 
investigation, I noted that many simply turn this feature off in both 
places and run sa-learn --rebuild --force-expire from a cron job. J

Just curious what most of you do? Which is better? We do not have overly 
busy mail servers ... about 10K per day average.


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