Oh great Oracle that is the MS list

Stephen Swaney steve at fsl.com
Tue Jun 17 17:12:36 IST 2008

DAve wrote:
> I cannot seen to reach the milter.info website, or the snertsoft.com 
> website. I need to post to the list and to do so I need to sign up a 
> freemail account.
> For some odd reason I am getting the following error now where I did 
> not when posting to the milters list before.
> <milters at milter.info>:
> failed after I sent the message.
> Remote host said: 554 5.6.0 invalid RFC 2822 date-time in Received: 
> header #459 (k5GHfI268250091300)
> Can anyone else reach SnertSoft? Anyone ever see that error before?
> Thanks,
> DAve

I've forwarded to Anthony.

Best regards,


Steve Swaney
steve at fsl.com


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